If you request prescriptions in PDF or XML

You will download from the One-Stop Shop the computer file (PDF/XML) with the requested prescriptions.

PDF– You will be able to print them at home, in your office or in the printing house of your choice (the one that has always worked with you, the one near your home, the one that offers you the best price…) but MAKE SURE THAT THE PRINTING HOUSE DELETES the prescription file.

XML– Electronic file to be processed by a computer application.

The price per 100 recipes in PDF/XML format is 1,21 Euros (VAT included).

The amount of the order will be charged to your account at the time of placing the order.

If you order prescriptions in PAPER

If you order the prescriptions printed on paper, you will have to pick them up in person at the College headquarters in Alicante.

The price of a block of 100 prescriptions ALREADY PRINTED is 5,69 Euros (VAT incl.). This is the strict cost of the CVE issued by the General Council and the price of the printing company agreed with COMA.

The amount of the order will be charged to your account at the time of placing the order.

If you are unable to pick up the prescriptions IN PERSON, we can send them by courier at an additional cost to the address you provide.

The price of the courier service is 10 Euros (from 1 to 4 prescription pads) and 15 Euros (from 5 to 40 prescription pads) – more quantities, please consult us-. This service can be paid for freight collect or charged to your account.

Remember: If you are unable to pick up your paper prescriptions in person at the collegiate headquarters or do not want to pay for courier services, ordering prescriptions in PDF may be the most interesting option for you.

In the following link you can request the download of a free program to prescribe prescriptions using XML format, which will allow you to print the prescriptions in PDF or paper format: http://www.plataformadereceta.es


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