The Illustrious Oficial Organizations of Physicians of Alicante’s county is a public law corporation that must collaborate in favor of a free and democratic society. A public law corporation in which the state delegates functions that goverments cannot reach.

The origin of the current structure of the Organization of Physicians can be found in the Organic Law of Health of 1855- In its Article 80, medical juries are created in order to prevent, admonish and qualify the faults that teachers comment on in the exercise of their respective faculties, regularize their fees, in certain cases, repress all professional abuses that can given scope in practice, and in order to establish a strict medical morality, a qualifying medical jury will be organized in the capital of each county.

The Valencian region has its own Law of Professional Associations approved in 1997. Thus, and although this Association enjoys self-regulation, self-management and self-goverment, it must be remembered that the Medical Associations of each county have the obligation by law to join the Autonomous Council and the General Council of the Physicians Medical Organization as a national regulatory body.

El Colegio


In 1972, when Dr. José Luis de la Vega Gutiérrez was president, the desire arose to have a new headquarters in accordance with the needs of a growing association. In 1973 the architech Dr. Juan Antonio García Solera presented the project but it was not until 1981, with the arrival of the new president, Dr. Ricardo Ferré, when the construction project was approved. In March 1982, work began on Avenida de Denia and in september 1984 what is now our current building, was inagurated. On september 30th, 1997, the building was flooded due to torrential rains. The facilities suffered incalculable damage. And it is that the water, which claimed four human lives in the city, devastated the trainins facilities, the library, the historical archive and other rooms, which meant that it was not possible to celebrate the centenary of the institution. Our current headquarters, rebuilt and improved on the previous one, was reopened in july 2000 under the presidency of Dr. Ricardo Ferré.


Despite the current regulatory standards, the College of Physicians of Alicante has a long history, as it was established as such on May 20, 1884. The Institution Headquarters, then located on San Francisco street, shared headquarters and association with the Alicante Pharmaceutical Institute.

This association between doctors and pharmacists was maintained until April 22, 1898. Then, a Queen’s Decree ordered the separation of both Colleges. A month later, and after an act held in the Alicante Town Hall, the institution of Physicians was officially organized and constituted.

The first years of the Insitution from its foundation in 1898 and until 1931 were a tireless search to establish itself as a group, with its statutes, obligations and headquarters. Since the Institution of Pharmacists remained in the shared headquarters, the Institution of Physicians settled in the Municipal Palace until it had funds to purchase land and build its own headquarters.

Meanwhile, in 1900, the main left floor of number 3 and 5 of Rambla de Méndez Núñez was rented, where the headquarters remained until 1931. This year the Institution, under the presidency of Dr. Jornet Nogueras, moved again. They settled in Zorrilla street, (today Avda. de la Constitución), in a building large enough for the concierge and his family to live in it. It also had three rooms for the offices of the Institution and an assembly hall.

In May 1960, the president of the Institution, Dr. José Sánchez San Julián, bought what would be the new headquarters, located at Calle San Isidro nº 5 and whose inauguration was held on April 1, 1962.



The Official College of Physicians of Alicante has as its mission:

  • The organization of the medical profession.
  • The monitoring of professional practice so that it is always carried out under the ethical and deontological principles that we have set for ourselves and that maintain the dignity and prestige of the profession.
  • The defense of professional interests and their institutional representation.
  • The promotion, impulse and development of continuous medical training.
  • Collaboration with public powers to protect the health of citizens, also protecting their rights.


The Official Institution of Physicians of Alicante has as its vision:

  • To be the reference Institution for doctors and its highest representative body in terms of professionalism, ethical and deontological standards, good practices and professional excellence.
  • Also to be a benchmark for society in health issues.
  • Do it in a dynamic, participative way, open to society, committed at all times to professional and social demand.
  • Quality institution recognized for the excellence of the services offered.


The Official Institution of Physicians of Alicante has as values:

  • Defend the professional interests of registered doctors who practice in the province of Alicante.
  • Organize the medical profession within the scope of its legal and statutory powers.
  • Protect society in terms of its interest in public health; as well as the interests of consumers and users of medical services.
  • Monitor the exercise of the medical profession, so that the deontological and ethical-social principles are fulfilled, as well as their dignity and prestige.
  • Ensure an adequate level of quality of the professional benefits of the members.
  • Support the constant improvement of the scientific, economic and social levels of the members.
  • Collaborate with the public authorities in the achievement of the right to health and with other entities linked to health and medical-scientific research and training.
  • Integrate QUALITY assurance as a fundamental element in the Institution’s growth and development policy.
  • Implement management systems that facilitate continuous improvement, increasing the competitiveness of the team and its adaptation to our environment.
  • Rationally use resources to contribute to the achievement of full satisfaction of the member and users/beneficiaries of the Institution’s activity.
  • Avoid the appearance of defects or non-conformities in our processes and services.
  • The TRANSMISSION OF KNOWLEDGE to employees based on the experience of our organization learning from past mistakes and successes.
  • TRAINING as the central axis in the competence of our work team.

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