Ensure the safety and health of citizens, influencing prevention and information, investigating cases, advising the Board Members of the Institution and promoting as many actions as it deems to achieve its goals.

Contact: observatorio@e-coma.es


  • José Belda Sanchís Specialist in Ophthalmology
  • Manuel Segura Trepichio Specialist in Traumatology
  • María Ángeles Medina Martínez Specialist in Family Medicine
  • Mª Angustias Oliveras Valenzuela Specialist in Psychiatry
  • María Almendro Candel Specialist in Family Medicine

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Anonimous complaint

If you have identified any event or practice related to the world of pseudoscience in the province of Alicante, write to us and we will contact you. In any case, your complaint can be anonymous.


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