What is Photomed?

Photomed is the Photography Club of the Institution of Physicians of Alicante. It is formed by a group of doctors and friends who love the image that for ten years have been spreading photography in its medical-scientific, artistic, cultural and educational aspects.

They organize weekly lectures, photographic outings, advise on photography, offering endless learning opportunities to satisfy a hobby as rewarding, artistic and at the same time social as it is to go out to capture photos among friends.

From Photomed they invite the members, those who want to learn this art, those who want to make photographic excursions or just want to have fun to come every Thursday at 18.30 pm, to the Institution of Physicians of Alicante to make you part of this social event, which have developed and has an important reputation by having two annual exhibitions of all the photographs.

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  • President: Dra. Mª Teresa Martín
  • Vice-president: Dra. Genoveva Moncho
  • Secretary: Dr. Juan Giménez



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