Continuing Education is a duty and a right of the professional and there is no doubt that the Professional Associations play a relevant and essential role in maintaining professional competence. As stated in the Law for the Management of Health Professions (LOPS) «Continuing education is the process of active and permanent teaching and learning to which health professionals have the right and obligation, which begins at the end of undergraduate studies or specialization and is intended to update and improve the knowledge, skills and attitudes of health professionals to scientific and technological developments and the demands and needs, both social and health system itself».

In order to develop one of its main objectives, which is Continuing Education, the Official Institution of Physicians of Alicante has created the Continuing Education Commission whose main purpose is to organize and promote training activities that offer the medical professional the possibility to maintain and increase their knowledge and skills to meet the continuing challenges posed by the practice of our profession.

Mutual Médica collaborates with the Institution of Physicians of Alicante in Continuing Medical Education, through a collaboration agreement established for this purpose.


The General Objective of the Continuing Medical Education Commission of the College is the following:

To promote the updating of knowledge and skills of medical professionals through training activities. To this end, some fundamental pillars are established through specific objectives:

  • The elaboration of a Continuous Training Plan, organizing activities that will cover in a proportionate way the professional demands.
  • To study the proposals for continuing education activities and to endorse their quality, supporting the adequacy of their teaching objectives.
  • To guide medical professionals on the most appropriate activities to maintain continuing education in their field.
  • Promote the participation of professionals and the development of activities in the field of Medicine.
  • To ensure that all activities carried out in the COMA have their corresponding and appropriate accreditation.

The general objective will be established for a period of 3 years after which it will be evaluated in order to be faithful and in turn respond to the requirements of its members in this area. It will be carried out through the Continuing Medical Education Commission of the Official Institution of Physicians of Alicante.

Organize your course

The COMA headquarters welcomes celebrations of Medical-Scientific Activities that meet the following requirements:

Scientific activities for continuing medical education and/or promotion of the health of the population, proposed by scientific societies and collegiate physicians.
Activities of a socio-cultural or humanitarian cooperation nature organized through the collegiate memberships and / or non-profit organizations.

To request the holding of an activity it is necessary to fill out an application and room reservation document and send it for evaluation by the Training Commission. The decision will be communicated to the applicant as soon as possible via e-mail.

Option 1: Form if you are an individual.

Option 2: Form if you represent an organization.

Proposal for the organization of a course

The participation of the members in the Continuing Medical Education of COMA is necessary and relevant for everyone, so we invite you to actively participate by organizing training courses, either through the scientific societies or individually. Course proposals should be submitted to the College at least 3 months prior to the beginning of the course.

40% of the final budget of the courses organized in the COMA will be subsidized through the Training Commission, by means of collegiate budgets for training, by agreement of the Board of Directors.

Students will pay the course registration fee upon enrollment, and will be entitled to a refund if they give notice of cancellation 1 week before the scheduled start date.

The contents to be taught will be taken into account so that they do not go against the deontological lines of the College.

The holding of the courses will be subject to the registration of a minimum number of students. The COMA Training Commission reserves the right to cancel a course if the minimum number of students is not reached.


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