The COMA pays tribute to doctors in the presentation of a collective memory Covid-19

The Institution of Physicians of Alicante held the event «COVID-19: An artistic and experiential testimony of confinement» on Thursday, June 8, in collaboration with the Jorge Alió Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness. An event to honor all the registered doctors, health professionals and essential groups that have fought against the pandemic, through the presentation of a collective memory and the inauguration of an exhibition of drawings.

Under the title “Collective memory. 2020, the year that everything changed”, the president of the College, Dr. Hermann Schwarz, and the 1st vice-president of CGCOM and former president of COMA, Dra. Mª Isabel Moya, presented this book containing stories, reflections, videos and photographs of registered doctors and other health professionals, health services and departments of the state.

This memory, where you can also find a chronology of the institution life during the health crisis, will form part of the documentary collection of the library and the museum, which is under construction, so that -as Dr. Schwarz- «let us not forget the past, how our life and profession have been, which will make it easier for us to understand the present and project the future».

For the 1st Vice President of CGCOM, «it is very exciting to attend the presentation of the memory that includes such a significant stage in our lives and particularly that of doctors and myself, since my Presidency in this Institution will always be linked to the first and I hope the last pandemic of the 21st century ”.

Dr. Jorge Alió, professor of Ophthalmology at the UMH, and María López, executive president of the Jorge Alió Foundation, were in charge of presenting the author of the exhibition ‘Coronadibus’, José Luis López, with his sample of 55 drawings inspired in the difficult circumstances experienced by the health collective. The exhibition can be visited until June 30 at the headquarters.

The executive president of the Foundation stressed that with this exhibition «we intend to convey through images what the pandemic was and what all the services did for us.»


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