The new board, through the Institution Continuing Education Commission, wants to promote initiatives that promote a space for training and scientific dissemination. For this reason, the creation of the COMA Scientific Council was accepted in plenary session of the Board of Directors held on January 31, 2019.

Main objective: to promote collaboration between Scientific Societies and the collegiate educational-informative field on health issues, aimed either at the collegiate themselves, or at the general population. Likewise, offer a platform for interrelation between the members that contributes mutual prestige to the participating institutions.

Principal functions:

  • Collaborate with the organization and/or evaluation of proposals for courses and other training activities in their specialty.
  • Collaborate with the preparation of a Continuous Training Program for COMA, as well as evaluate and monitor the activities carried out.
  • Serve as advisory services to the COMA Board for issues within the competence of their specialty to guarantee the highest level of quality in training activities.
  • Accept orders from the Board to prepare documents on clinical aspects or scientific relevance.
  • Detection of training needs through information from the participating Societies.
  • Define a delegate for each company to act as an expert communicator on topics of his specialty for dissemination to the media about specific events or health ephemeris…
  • Collaborate in scientific or health outreach activities as a representative of COMA, in educational, informative or training forums, such as collaborations with Universities or public entities.
  • Organize your course

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